About Us

Hey Friends Here we provide kids robots for to develop their learning knowledge through interactive learning.

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We provide electronic and IoT related stuffs for our school kids. If you need any for your kids please contact us using the below link

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Interactive Learning

At present most of kids spend time on smart phones. Therefore they loss precious time on the phone. We your child to learn new things as fast as possible.

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IoT for Kid training (IoT – internet of things)

The internet of things is an entertaining education for the students. It’s based on the science fiction and technology. In this fast changing world people are adapting for new inventions and innovation in the developing country. So the internet is very essential for every person. We need to give training for the kid’s basic understanding…

Introduction to the Internet of Things

The internet things are called as physical devices or connected devices. It’s also referred as smart devices which are mentioned below as the kind of devices used.  The internet of things devices are like Electronics, software, sensors, actuators and network connectivity. The internet things are presently called as a hot technology. What is mean by…

intoino welcome post

Welcome Post

Hey, Thanks for visiting to our blog. This is our first blog post. We here help you to teach your kids with useful information. We have access to IoT robotic technology. Which helps you to learn any hard things easily with the help of interactive learning. IoT stands for internet of things. We mainly use…